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Memoriams provides funeral professionals with an exclusive network to place obituaries in newspapers. Sign up today to view the price and deadline for virtually any newspaper, and preview your obituary before submitting it, all at no cost to your funeral home.

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Quickly price and place obituaries through our exclusive network of over 3,000 publications. You can even submit obituaries to multiple publications, in a single order. This saves you time and provides a better experience for the families you serve.

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We’re here to help. Our personalized customer service is available seven days a week. We are ready to walk you through any questions you have and help ensure every obituary is handled quickly and effectively. Contact us at (800) 729-8809 or [email protected] with questions or for an overview on how to get started.

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Over a decade of experience

The Memoriams team has over a decade of experience working directly with publications of all sizes. Endorsed by the newspaper industry’s Local Media Consortium as the strategic partner for obituary placement, you can be confident that Memoriams will continue to meet all your needs, and theirs.

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“Memoriams is user-friendly and self-explanatory! Great product! Much smoother process! I LOVE IT!”

“Memoriams is a very user-friendly program, and it has made placing obituaries much easier. It cuts the time in half. You can do much more with the program and you even get the price when you are finished which takes a burden off the family. I could not be more satisfied with Memoriams.”

“We cannot sing the praises of this program enough. The process has been streamlined for placing an out-of-state obituary which used to be a tedious and complicated process. It is now much quicker and efficient. Memoriams has become an essential part of our day-to-day business.”

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Learn how your publication can provide funeral home partners with a simple, no cost way to submit obituaries. Contact us for an overview at [email protected].